Breastfeeding Advice & Support


Breastfeeding rates upon discharge from hospital in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are high. There is however, a decline in breastfeeding rates in the first two weeks at home so providing continuing support to breastfeeding mothers is essential.

* In history think about asking re excessive crying/parent coping and signposting where necessary (see Cry-sis and iconcope links below)


Peer support and groups:


Cornwall Breastfeeding Groups:


Specific breastfeeding enquiries:

- Patient to contact their community midwife/health visitor

- Or GP/healthcare professional contacts below:

HealthVisitingInfantFeeding@cornwall.gov.uk - for patients under the health visiting team

rcht.Infantfeedingteam@nhs.net  - for patients under midwife care and tongue tie

Maternity services: 01872 258000

Health visitor services: 01872 322779


Tongue Tie:

- Before 12 weeks: Any concerns regarding tongue tie should ideally be raised from the 8 week review and referred in then, for division before 12 weeks without GA. (refer via rcht.Infantfeedingteam@nhs.net )

- After 12 weeks: Tongue tie queries after 12 weeks will need to be referred to Max Fax for assessment and if needing revision are divided under GA.


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Date Reviewed            04/11/2021

Next Review Date        04/11/2022

Author                          Dr Madeleine Attridge, RMS GP Sifter

Contributor                   Dr Rebecca Osborne, GPwSI Breast, RCHT