Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry refers to a noticeable difference in the appearance of breast size or shape when comparing one breast to the other. This can also include the position of the nipple.


Asymmetry may occur due to underdevelopment or overdevelopment of one breast(s).

Most women will have one breast slightly smaller than the other, this is common and normal.


Changes can often be seen following weight loss or gain, puberty and menopause, however, new onset asymmetry which may be suggestive of an underlying breast mass, should be referred. See Breast Lump guidelines


Surgery for breast asymmetry is considered a procedure of low clinical priority, and therefore not routinely funded under the NHS.

The form and further information about applying for special consideration for ‘Procedures of Limited Clinical Benefit’ can be found here


Patients with marked asymmetry with no other symptoms can be referred to the Breast Care Nursing team at the Mermaid Centre to discuss fitting for breast prosthesis – Please send a referral letter along with the symptomatic breast referral form.



Date Reviewed                                 03/12/2019

Next Review Date                           03/12/2020

Author                                                  Dr I Boyd, RMS GP Sifter

Contributor                                        Dr Rebecca Osborne, GPwSI Breast, RCHT



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