Mermaid Information


Service information

All referrals are processed as urgent (except family history clinic). All patients are seen within 2 weeks (regardless as to whether there are symptoms/signs which are particularly suspicious of cancer) as per the national guidelines, and many are seen within 1 wk.

All patients are seen at the Mermaid Centre. Higher risk patients will  attend a four hour one-stop clinic, including imaging. Lower risk patients (Group B on the referral form) will attend a shorter, more efficient clinic, having the start of their imaging (mammography) where appropriate, but will be invited to return for breast imaging with a consultant radiologist/radiographer (mammography, ultrasound and biopsy) within 10 days of this first appointment should further imaging be required. 

For Acute Breast Sepsis Problems, discussion by telephone to the on-call surgical registrar is welcomed, and acute admission to S.R.U arranged if appropriate.




·         Professor Drew

·         Mr Sheikh Ahmad

·         Mr Iain Brown

·         Mrs Rachel English

·         Miss Polly King

Trust Consultant:

Mr Imran Abbas. All are happy to answer queries via nhs mail.

The family history clinic is run by Dr Kerstin Stepp. She checks all referrals herself and ensures patients are booked into the correct clinic as necessary. She is happy to discuss referrals by email or telephone.

Breast referrals are not sifted by the Referral Management Service. The following information is for guidance only.