Mammoplasty Complications

Patients with suspected implant rupture or contracture can be referred to the Breast Clinic irrespective of whether the original surgery was performed on the NHS or privately.


If however the patient had the original surgery privately, and it is possible for them to see their private surgeon, this would be preferred.

If the implant is proven to be ruptured, or there is a Grade IV capsular contracture, or the implant has capsule formation that interferes with mammography or the Implant is a PIP implant then removal of the implant will be commissioned.

The patient can also then choose to have both implants removed for symmetry.


Replacement of breast implants is not routinely commissioned.

This policy does not apply to women who have undergone breast reconstruction following surgery for cancer.





Date Reviewed                              November 2021

Next Review Date                          November 2022

Author                                            Dr I Boyd, RMS GP Sifter

Reviewed By                                  Dr M Attridge, RMS GP Sifter

Contributor                                     Dr Rebecca Osborne, GPwSI Breast, RCHT