Advice & Guidance


From 1st July 2021 the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust will be offering an Advice & Guidance Service on e-Referrals for Endocrinology queries from GPs:

Endocrinology Advice & Guidance-Royal Cornwall Hospital-REF


Service details

Endocrinology Advice & Guidance-Royal Cornwall Hospital-REF


The Advice & Guidance Service has been established to offer advice on Endocrinology queries when direct referral into secondary care may not be necessary.  This service is to help obtain non-urgent management advice from a Consultant Endocrinologist.

If a patient is already under the care of a Consultant Endocrinologist, please detail this in the request

Clinical responsibility remains with the GP until the patient is seen within secondary care.

All Advice & Guidance requests for this service must now be submitted through e-Referrals and replace the informal email service previously offered.


Please note responses to advice requests for this service will take up to 5 working days.


This service is not to be used for Lipid queries. Please continue to submit queries on Lipid Disorders to the existing Lipid Disorders A&G service:

Lipid disorders Advice & Guidance-Chemical Pathology-Royal Cornwall Hospital-REF