Children's Community Health Services / Early Help Hub

All referrals to Children’s Community Health and Council services send to the Early Help Hub.

This is
a Single point of contact for Cornwall Council and Community Based Children's Early Help Support and Services. The Early Help Hub will triage requests for help and either:

  • Refer to the appropriate CFT or CC service


  • Signpost you or the family to another service eg. Voluntary Community Sector Organisation
  • Sometimes the request will be closed as the request doesn’t meet criteria for a service


The team will communicate any changes in referral management to the referrer and the family



Services available through the Early Help Hub through the ‘Request for Help’ form:

  • Early Support - Supporting Change in Partnership (SCIP)
  • Early Support - Team Around the Child (TAC)
  • Early Years Inclusion Service
  • Family Group Conferencing
  • Family Support
  • Health Visiting (over 2 years)
  • Parenting Support
  • Portage
  • School Nursing
  • Targeted Youth Support
  • Video Interactive Guidance


The Neurodevelopmental Assessment Pathway 

This includes single or combined assessments for:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Learning disabilities          
  • Tics
  • Sensory difficulties
  • Developmental Coordination Disorder



The following services need specific forms and the links are on the website

  • Community Children's Nursing Team and Diana Nursing Team (not School Nursing)
  • Diana Team Psychologist
  • Paediatric Epilepsy


If you are concerned about the safety of a child please refer to the Multi-Agency referral unit (MARU) 0300 123 1116


Who can be referred? Children and young people aged 0-19. Individuals can be referred up to age 25 years if they have a Special Educational Need or a disability.

Who can refer to EHH? Any Professional or any family member/friend who has identified a need for support. For services that accept self-referrals, individuals can refer themselves via the EHH website.

How to make a referral:

  1. Gain consent from the person with legal responsibility for the child
  2. Download and complete the relevant form
  3. Submit electronically by email to the Hub earlyhelphub@cornwall.gov.uk

If you would like to discuss a case prior to sending a request then please call the Early Help Hub on 01872322277

Dr Jo Lewis, Community Paediatrician,  Dr S Burns GP

Date: June 2021              Review Date: June 2022

Version: 1.2