ENT Service Providers in Cornwall

RCHT Consultant Clinics

·         Held at RCHT and various community sites

·         Adults and children, children with purely hearing loss should be referred to audiology. If ENT is needed audiology will refer directly to ENT without causing delay.


RCHT Clinical Nurse Specialist Aural Care Clinic

RCH & WCH /Bodmin Hospital/St Austell

All patients aged 18yrs and over, with a discharging ear and an indication for referral in the absences of red flags (above) can be initially seen and assessed in the RCHT Clinical Nurse Specialist Clinic Examples of conditions which they deal with include:

·         Active otitis externa and discharging ears

·         Troublesome wax (there are strict criteria for this. Please refer to the Troublesome wax criteria. Any referrals that do not meet that criteria will be returned)

·         Suspected Cholesteatoma

·         Known Cholesteatoma for on-going, non-surgical management

·         Perforation of ear drum with active infection

·         Removal of foreign bodies from the ear (consider referral to On-call ENT SHO)

Onward referral on to ENT will be made if necessary.


  •    Hearing test are not available in this clinic
  •    Removal of wax for audiology appointments
  •    Removal of wax due to failure by private clinician or lack of affordability
  •    Removal of wax that does not meet the Troublesome wax access criteria
  •     Patients aged under 18yrs


To discuss a patient GPs can email them directly on the following: