Pregnancy Advisory Service


TOP providers:

  • RCHT- GP referral or self-referral (up to 14 weeks).  Bookings can be arranged by emailing the RMS at KCCG.health@nhs.net or by phone 01872 226720.
  • UHP- GP referral or self-referral (up to 13+6).  Contact by phone 01752 431129.
  • MSI Reproductive Services (Marie Stopes)- GP or self-referral (can be referred up to 24 weeks). MSI Reproductive Services operate a service in St Austell and Plymouth, and offer a telemedicine service to patients up to 10 weeks. They also offer a service up to 24 weeks in Bristol.

All have scanning facilities.

Note Medical terminations are available up to 10 weeks on the day of the clinic appointment.


Useful contacts:

Cornwall TOPs line: 01872 226720, KCCG.health@nhs.net

UHP (Derriford): 01752 431129

MSI Reproductive Services: 0345 300 8090, www.msichoices.org.uk

Sexual Health Service in Cornwall and IOS: 0300 303 0714

Brook national line: 08000185023

Please click here to view the TOPS referral pathway

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Date reviewed: 01/04/2021