Expediting Appointments and Procedures at RCHT


RCHT is trying to maintain as much urgent outpatient and elective activity during the pandemic as resource and safety allows, ensuring that all appointments (urgent and routine) which can be undertaken remotely by video or telephone are done so.

Waiting times will remain a challenge and a process has been established to expedite a patient whose condition has significantly deteriorated since their original referral.

The purpose of the expedite process is to give the GP a route to request clinical review of a patient whose condition has significantly worsened since they were referred. Any request to expedite should:

  • Explain the reason for the request
  • Detail how the patient’s symptoms have significantly worsened


Please do not send expedite requests by email to the Trust when there is no change in the symptoms described in the referral letter.

When the original referral is submitted on e-RS, it is clinically triaged by a specialist who will determine the priority of the patient. This allows for equitable waits for routine patients.


Outpatient appointment contacts:


Procedure contacts:

If you wish to request consideration of a procedure being expedited, please contact the relevant consultant/specialty direct with this request. 


Please do not send expedite requests on e-RS to the RMS as these will be rejected.