Coronavirus has presented the planned care system in Cornwall with unprecedented challenges.  At RMS up to this point we have endeavoured to keep the website relevant and up to date in terms of guidance for those patients affected directly with covid and those who have had their care provision dramatically altered with the changes to the health system as a whole.

We will continue to link to good up to date sources of national corona virus management information but will move to prioritise local information as we move to ensure the clinical needs of patients not affected directly by covid are being met.

We would like to emphasise that currently all 2ww referral are being processed alongside urgent referrals and importantly urgent diagnostics.  There has been a significant drop in activity to all of these services and RCHT would like to emphasise that all urgent work is being actively accepted and managed.

There is currently considerably work and thought going on to how we manage routine referrals and we will communicate any changes (as discussed and agreed through the CPC and planned care team) as soon as possible.

Janine Glazier (janine.glazier@nhs.net)

Fran O’Mahony (fran.omahony@nhs.net)