Sexual Health


The Level 3 Sexual Health Service for Cornwall has been delivered by Brook from December 1st 2019 and we thank you for your patience during the early stages of operational delivery.


As you would expect, there have been some questions about client pathways in the new service, so we thought it would be helpful to make contact and confirm referral arrangements and pathways for patients.


Contraception and STI testing services

  • Clients who require sexual health services,  contraception, STI testing can self-refer via 0300 303 0714.  Details are on website www.sexualhealthcornwall.co.uk


Genital Dermatology


  • Clients self-referring or presenting to Brook Cornwall Sexual Health Services(BCSHS) with a genital dermatology concern that is primarily a sexual health issue  (for instance genital warts), will be managed within BCSHS. You may continue to formally refer clients with these conditions if you prefer to, via the referrals inbox available here :- cornwallreferrals@brook.org.uk.

If the condition is not related to a sexual health issue and requires specialist genital dermatology input, BCSHS will manage initial diagnosis and treatment if able, then the client may need to be referred to their GP for further assessment, treatment or onward referral to secondary care as necessary.

  • Clients who present to their GP with sexual health/STI related genital dermatology conditions may be referred to BCSHS as above

Clients presenting with non-sexual health related genital dermatological conditions that require specialist genital dermatology input should be referred to the genital dermatology services within secondary care as per existing pathways.

  • NHS Kernow, Brook and secondary care providers are working together to review whether any pathway changes are necessary to support people who use these services.


Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea Screening


  • Clients aged under 25 who are being screened via the National Chlamydia Screening Programme (NCSP), should be given a ‘TDL’ test which Brook CSHS have supplied.  The results and partner notification are managed by Brook CSHS. 

Clients can refuse permission for their GP informed about the test result, but unless the refusal request is made (by ticking the appropriate box on the form) we will routinely share results with GPs.

  • For anyone testing at their GP not via NCSP or age over 25, then the GP should send the sample (taken using the testing kits supplied by RCHT as the testing platform differs from the one used in BCSHS) to RCHT laboratory. RCHT will provide the result via the existing results system.  Clients can choose to attend Brook CSHS  for treatment and Partner Notification if they wish or be managed by their GP if this is more convenient for them.


Cervical Screening


  • Opportunistic cervical screening will be undertaken by BCSHS but routine screening is not offered at this time.


HPV Vaccine


  • The HPV vaccine is provided by BCSHS for clients eligible to receive the vaccine as identified by PHE;


Complex Coil Fits and management of heavy menstrual bleeding


  • Brook CSHS will perform complex coil fits on clients who have self-referred.

If GPs have a complex coil fit that they are unable to perform, the client should be referred to Gynaecology at RCHT.




Date Reviewed                                    28/11/2019

Date of Next Review                            28/11/2020

Authors                                                Dr Issy Boyd, RMS GP sifter


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