Breastfeeding Advice & Support

This guideline applies to breastfeeding women.



Breastfeeding rates upon discharge from hospital in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are high. There is however, a decline in breastfeeding rates in the first two weeks at home so providing continuing support to breastfeeding mothers is essential



Key Features of Assessment


Think about asking about excessive crying/parent coping and signpost where necessary (give patient information on Cry-sis and ICON).




Peer support and groups:




Specific Breastfeeding Enquiries:

  • Patients: Advise patient to contact their own community midwife or health visitor via their own contact details.
  • GP/health professionals only contact:
  • Health visiting team: healthvisitinginfantfeeding@cornwall.gov.uk    or 01872 322779
  • RCHT infant feeding team (for patients under midwife care or with a tongue-tied child): email Rcht.infantfeedingteam@nhs.netor phone 01872 258000

For tongue tie:
see Tongue Tie (cornwall.nhs.uk)




Supporting Information

For professionals:


For patients:



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