RCHT Bariatric Surgery Advice & Guidance


From 21st July 2020 the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust will be offering an Advice & Guidance Service on e-Referrals for Bariatric Surgery queries.


The Advice & Guidance Service has been established to offer advice on Bariatric Surgery queries when direct referral into secondary care may not be necessary. The service will advise on medical or surgical complications relating to previous bariatric / weight loss / metabolic surgery, with the aim of reducing the number of patients who need to be seen face to face.


If the patient is already under the care of one of the Upper GI Surgeons, please detail this in the request.


All Advice & Guidance requests for this service must now be submitted through e-Referrals and replace the informal email service previously offered.


Clinical responsibility remains with the GP until the patient is seen within secondary care.



Review Date                         October 2021

Next Review Date                 October 2022

GP Sifter                               Dr Laura Vines

Contributor                            Mr Mike Clarke