Child Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

This guideline applies to children and young people aged 0 to 19 years old.



Minimum required information for referral

  • Details of speech, language, communication or swallowing difficulty.
  • Parental consent.
  • Patient consent, if aged 16 years or over.




Dysphagia SLT


Advice and Referral

For advice/queries Mon-Fri 9-5pm, contact: (01208) 834 488

For referral, complete the Paediatric Dysphagia Referral Form (found under ‘Eating and drinking difficulties’) and email to cpn-tr.enquirslt@nhs.net. Write “Dysphagia Referral” in subject line.


General Communication SLT

Advice and Referral

For advice/queries, email cft.saltrequestforhelp@nhs.net

For referral, complete the online Request for Help Referral Form to request a telephone consultation. There is no save function, so be prepared to complete at one sitting.

If the concern is regarding speech sound development, complete the Speech Sound Screening Checklist(found under ‘Speech sound errors’) with the child/young person before completing the Request for Help Referral Form, as this information is required to submit it.




CFT Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service



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