Non Diabetic Hyperglycaemia referrals to NDPP


Non Diabetic Hyperglycaemia referrals to Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP)

Thrive Tribe are your ‘Healthier You’ NHS DPP provider. We’ll help support the residents of Cornwall to prevent Type 2 diabetes through simple, sustainable changes. Our dedicated team help improve the health of your patients using a 9 month clinically proven intervention built on the principles of behaviour change as well as motivational support and encouragement every step of the way!


Referral criteria.

Healthier You is available free to people who meet the following eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria.

 The programme is available to the following:

  • Individuals who have non-diabetic hyperglycaemia (NDH) confirmed via a HbA1c reading between 42 – 47 mmol/mol or Fasting Plasma Glucose of 5.5 – 6.9 mmol/l, recorded within the last 12 months;

  • Individuals with a past diagnosis of gestational diabetes and a normoglycaemic blood reading (HbA1c < 42 mmol/mol or Fasting Plasma Glucose < 5.5 mmol/l) recorded within the last 12 months;
  • Individuals aged 18 years or over, up to and including eighty years old. Individuals who are over eighty years old are eligible to access the NHS DPP but require additional confirmation from their GP that the programme is appropriate to their needs.

Exclusion criteria.

  • pregnancy
  • has blood results suggesting type 2 diabetes.
  • anyone aged over 80 without prior consideration for the risks and benefits of a programme, likely to result in weight loss for those individuals.
  • Bariatric surgery within the last 2 years.
  • active eating disorder.


Available routes by which primary care can refer eligible individuals into the programme.


Referrals of eligible individuals to the programme can be made through completion of the NHS DPP referral form on your clinical operating system e.g. SystmOne / EMIS. Please note it is essential that all data fields are completed in order for us to successfully process a referral. Alternatively, you can complete the referral form and send it to our secure email address tt1.ndppcornwall@nhs.net.

Practices can also undertake systematic searches of clinical systems to identify individuals eligible for the NHS DPP, and invite patients via letter or SMS to self-register for the programme via the ‘register’ button on our website https://healthieryou.org.uk/ This will go live on the 15th November. Patients will need to have details of their NHS number, latest HbA1c or FPG blood reading (including the date this was taken) and name of their GP surgery, in order to register online.


Please ensure that if a Healthcare Professional wishes to utilise this webform to refer on behalf of a patient, that consent is gained from the individual before proceeding with the referral.


About the programme.

Our 9-month ‘Healthier You’ programme will support clients to set sustainable healthy habits that work for them, make a big impact on their future health and help them prevent Type 2 diabetes. 


What they will get.

  • flexible options with a choice of face-to-face, remote or digital support.
  • tailored guidance from our team of coaches, specially trained in behaviour change.
  • regular sessions providing support and building knowledge and skills.
  • bonus resources like articles, recipes and a journal to track their progress.
  • access to our online gym offering yoga, armchair aerobics, circuits and more.


What they will learn.

We’ll help clients look at the bigger picture when it comes to their health.

1. nutrition: discover how to improve their diet by learning more about portion sizes, decoding food labels and how to make informed food choices to boost their health.

2. movement: find out about the different ways to enjoy being active and how they can set movement habits that last.

3. mindset: learn ways to approach habit change and tap into their inner motivation.


Full programme information is available on our website. If you have any questions about our programme or would like to work together to help increase Healthier You NHS DPP referrals please do get in touch. We are here to support you in any way we can.