Falls Prevention Courses

iCareiMove have been commissioned to run a Falls Prevention Course in Cornwall.

1 year contract with the first course commencing on the 8th June, Move More Cornwall is a digitally delivered online programme through Zoom meetings. There will be 2 courses broken down into 2 x 25 week courses and sessions will be run once a week.


Move More is an evidence-based course around the FaME model, which suggests that 50 hours of exercise is the optimum amount of dosage for exercise in older populations. 25 hours of exercise from sessions delivered by Postural Stability Instructors (iCareiMove) and 25 hours at home.


The next course is due to start on the 8th June 2021


We have assistance from Digital Inclusion to help clients who struggle to access our services online and with digital devices. We also have access to some iPads from Age UK.


To refer your patients, please email us their name, telephone number and date of birth and we will contact them personally by telephone.


Emails to;


0800 0541 118

Patient Information Leaflet available here