General geriatric referrals

General Geriatrics Referrals


Who for?


Complex Patients unable to be managed in Primary care.


A general / complete geriatric assessment is best suited for older people with multiple medical problems and significant functional limitations. The geriatric assessment differs from a standard medical evaluation in three general ways:

(1)    it focuses on elderly individuals with complex problems,

(2)    it emphasizes functional status and quality of life, and

(3)    it frequently takes advantage of an interdisciplinary team of providers.


Please note –

Ø  Patients with falls and  movement disorders should be referred to specialist eldercare clinics where possible (see separate entries)

Ø  Patients with transient neurological symptoms should be referred to a TIA clinic

Ø  Patients needing follow-up after stroke can be referred to Dr Adie’s clinic

Ø  Patients with lower urinary tract symptoms/incontinence  can be referred to Dr Renwick

Ø  For assessment and diagnosis of suspected dementia, please refer to memory clinics (Old Age Psychiatry)

Ø  Please refer relatively healthy older people with single organ symptoms to the appropriate specialist physician