RCHT Eldercare Advice & Guidance


From 9th November 2020 the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust will be offering an Advice & Guidance Service on e-Referrals for Eldercare queries.


Advice & Guidance will therefore be accessed on e-Referrals for Eldercare within the following PCNs:

  • North Kerrier East PCN
  • North Kerrier West PCN
  • South Kerrier & Isles of Scilly PCN
  • Falmouth & Penryn PCN
  • Three Harbours & Bosvena PCN
  • North Cornwall Coast PCN
  • Rural PCN
  • Watergate PCN
  • St Austell Healthcare PCN
  • Holsworthy, Bude & Surrounding Areas PCN
  • Truro & Coastal PCN


The Advice & Guidance Service has been established to offer advice on Eldercare queries when direct referral into secondary care may not be necessary.  This service is to help obtain a diagnosis or management from an Eldercare Consultant for patients aged 65 years and over with falls or frailty related problems including functional decline, polypharmacy and multimorbidity leading to medical complexity.


The service is unable to provide support for queries relating to Parkinson’s disease, stroke or patients aged under 65 years old – enquiries should continue to be made as per current arrangements.


All other PCNs should continue to follow current arrangements for obtaining advice on Eldercare patient management.  We will update you as and when additional PCN specific Advice & Guidance Services are set up.


If the patient is already under the care of one of the Eldercare Consultants, please detail this in the request.


Clinical responsibility remains with the GP until the patient is seen within secondary care.


All Advice & Guidance requests for this service, from practices within these PCNs, must now be submitted through e-Referrals and replace the informal email service previously offered.


If you have any queries regarding this, please send to Emma.wheeler4@nhs.net