Interstitial Lung Disease

Reasons for referral
Known Interstitial Lung disease/fibrosis with worsening symptoms
Known Connective tissue disease with shortness of breath
Shortness of breath or cough with inspiratory crepitations or crackles
Abnormal imaging suggesting ILD/fibrosis 
Investigations Needed Prior to Referral 
Chest Xray
Investigations to Consider
High Resolution CT Thorax
GP’s can refer for HRCTT if patient’s have symptoms suggestive of interstitial lung disease and a Chest Xray or Spirometry is suggestive of ILD/fibrosis
Date Reviewed: 04/10/2019
Date of Next Review: 04/10/2020
Author: Dr Elizabeth Fell
Contributors: Dr Ben Soar Consultant Respiratory RCHT
Version No. 1.0