Pulmonary Rehabilitation


Pulmonary rehabilitation is currently available in Mid, East and West Cornwall. Please see link to local COPD support groups throughout Cornwall also: http://breathers.org.uk/


This service provides an evidence based exercise and education programme for people with long term respiratory conditions, including but not exclusively COPD. 

Inclusion Criteria

  • Confirmed diagnosis of a respiratory condition (or post COVID).
  • MRC score between 2 and 4 (inclusive).
  • Motivated to complete home programme with distant supervision only.
  • Current medical management optimised, including inhaled therapies.
  • If on long term oxygen therapy then ambulatory oxygen should be prescribed.


Exclusion Criteria

  • Unstable coronary or cerebral ischemia or inability to independently manage changes in symptoms / disease status. 
  • Unstable diabetic control or inability to independently manage changes in symptoms/ disease status. 
  • Within 10 days of starting treatment for deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.
  • Within 6 weeks of acute myocardial damage e.g raised troponin or NSTEMI.
  • Unstable medical conditions: e.g decompensated heart failure, recent aortic dissection, uncontrolled and malignant hypertension, active gastrointestinal bleeding or severe anaemia.
  • Medical falls or frequent mechanical falls. 
  • Significant active exacerbation/ infection or in early recovery phase (1 month) 
  • Moderate cognitive deficit (unless adequately supported by a carer).
  • The inability to exercise due significant musculoskeletal or neuromuscular disorders. 


Please give the information sheet available here to patients when referring. 

To refer please complete the Referral Form available here

Then email to:



Reviewed By: Dr Madeleine Attridge (GP sifter)

Date Reviewed: November 2021

Next Review Due: November 2022