Direct Access Echocardiography

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To provide GPs with an Echocardiography service that can be accessed without the need for a prior cardiology outpatient appointment. 


  •  New Murmurs
  • Assessment for structural heart disease in atrial fibrillation
  • Hypertension where structural heart disease is suspected eg LVH
  • Heart failure scheduled reassessment
  • Valvular disease reassessment



If the result would not change the management please consider appropriateness of the test.

Suspected diagnoses of heart failure - please refer via the heart failure service.

Echocardiography is not indicated in the following conditions unless there additional evidence of structural heart disease (Eg on history/exam/ECG/CXR

  • Dizziness/Presyncope    
  • Atypical Chest Pain      
  • Hypertension
  • Palpitations not suggestive of signifcant arrhythmia
  • Infrequent  ectopics
  • Asymptomatic sinus bradycardia

How To Refer:

Ensure appropriateness of request by checking on list of exclusions (see above)

Complete all sections of Direct Access Echocardiography request form available here

Attach ECG (from within 3 months)

Request via Choose and book to RMS

Patients will be contacted for appointment with one of 5 providers - further details below)


Direct Access Echocardiography Providers:

Echogenicity- echo + consultant cardiologist’s summary/advice

Ultracardiac (Plymouth) - echo without advice     

Plymouth Health Care Trust – echo without advice

Royal Cornwall Hospitals trust- echo without advice



Date reviewed                     05/07/2021

Next review due                  05/07/2022

Sifter name                         Elizabeth Fell / Bridgitte Wesson

Contributors                        Dr Louise Melley – Assistant Specialist Cardiology RCHT


Version 4.1