Haematology 2 Week Wait

The 2WW referral form is available on the RMS website



There is a limited number of 2WW slots and these are intended for patients requiring urgent diagnosis and treatment. We have a reputation for seeing patients quickly according to need so a 2WW referral is not always necessary.

We are happy to discuss cases through the Advice and Guidance service on e-Referrals


Clarification of Referral Form criteria


Not all positive protein electrophoresis tests suggest myeloma; most will be monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS). The comment added to the electrophoresis result will usually guide the level of clinical urgency.

If there are concerning signs or symptoms (such as unexplained acute kidney injury, hypercalcaemia or suggestive radiology) and myeloma is strongly suspected then it may be appropriate to refer prior to the myeloma screen results becoming available.

Please consult the MGUS/Myeloma guidance on this site.


Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma:


The form refers to unexplained lymphadenopathy where malignancy is suspected, implying that other causes such as infection have been sought and considered unlikely.

Please consult the Lymphadenopathy guidance on this site.



The form refers to unexplained splenomegaly where lymphoma is suspected.

There are numerous causes of splenomegaly, many of which are not malignant.

Please consult the Splenomegaly guidance on this site.