Requesting Blood Tests in Children


For a GP to access the Paediatric Blood Service they must submit a request through eRS to the Advice & Guidance (A&G) service. Through this they can get routine management advice from a Paediatric Consultant about blood tests required.

Please include clinical details. In some cases, additional blood tests may be arranged or in others, blood tests may not be required.

The Consultants have the ability to convert the A&G request to a referral if they deem appropriate, although the GP must have pre-authorised for the A&G request to be converted to a referral for the consultants to have this ability.

Once an A&G request is converted to a referral, the Parent/Guardian will be contacted by the Outpatient Booking team within a week to arrange an appointment to come in for the bloods deemed necessary. The GP does not need to do anything further.

Patients are provided with anaesthetic cream on arrival of their appointment but if the GP does prescribe this prior to the appointment it may cut their waiting time in hospital.

The service is available for patients aged 15 and under.


Emma Goldsworthy, e- Referrals & Suspected Cancer Manager RCHT

                        Dr S Burns RMS GP

Date: February 2022 

Review Date: February 2023