Individual Funding Requests

NHS Kernow will fund the following procedures only if the below criteria are met and this is stated in the referral letter.



 Criteria Based Access Blepharoplasty is commissioned where patients meet the criteria below, the referral letter and patient’s medical record need to clearly evidence how these criteria are met: 

  • Impairment of visual fields in the relaxed, non-compensated state. Evidence will be required that eyelids impinge on visual fields, reducing field to 120 degrees laterally and 40 degrees vertically (20 above and 20 below) OR 
  • Correction of ectropion or entropion with ocular irritation and causing functional implications (evidence of functional implications must be supplied with the referral documentation).


Benign Neoplasms

  • Surgery to improve appearance alone should not be undertaken
  • The removal of a benign asymptomatic skin lesion is regarded as a procedure of low clinical priority.

The following conditions are regarded as EXCEPTIONS to the policy statement and therefore will be funded:

  • Benign Lesions with persistent or recurrent infection
  • Lesions causing significant functional impairment e.g. recurrent bleeding, pain
  • Large benign tumours causing functional impairment and require general anaesthetic”

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