Mild symptoms, blanches with phenylepherine 2.5% drops

  • Management
    • Self limiting, treat with NSAID drops e.g. ketorolac trometamo tds 1-2 weeks 
  • When to refer
    • Rarely need steroids so refer urgent only if severe persistent symptoms



Very severe pain, no blanching with phenylepherine drops, often systemic autoimmune disease

  • Where to refer:
    • Refer to eye casualty for high dose systemic steroids



Risk of misdiagnosis and short steroid course comes with high risk of recurrence, therefore best referred to eye casualty.

If previous corneal graft must be referred to eye casualty very urgently to avoid rejection.


Date reviewed                     07/08/2019

Next review due                  07/08/2020

Sifter name                         Dr Rebecca Harling

Contributor                   Mr William Westlake



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