Optic Nerve

Giant cell arteritis (GCA)

  • Management
  • Where to refer
    • If significant ophthalmic signs refer to Eye Casualty.
    • If ophthalmic signs with reduced visual acuity, or diplopia refer Eye casualty.
    • If no ophthalmic symptoms please contact on-call rheumatology registrar or consultant via switchboard.

Diagnosis will be confirmed and treatment initiated for later monitoring by GP when eye stable



Anterior non-ischaemic optic neuropathy (AION)

  • Management
    • Check atherosclerotic risk factors
  • When to refer
    • If acute loss of vision refer eye casualty to exclude giant cell arteritis


Optic neuritis

  • Where to refer
    • If acute loss of vision refer casualty for diagnosis
    • If variable vision – routine clinic

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