• GPs cannot refer to General  or Community Paediatricians for outpatient reviews for children with sleep problems as this is not currently commissioned.
  • Only children who are  already under the community paediatric team and who have complex and significant needs can be referred to Hunrosa Sleep by the Community Paediatricians.
  • GPs should contact the named community paediatric consultant the child is under, in order for them  to consider referral. GPs cannot directly refer to Hunrosa Sleep.
  • For all other children and young people with sleep difficulties, attached is simple advice that can support families.
  • Families with younger children can get advice about sleep problems from Health Visitors. Families can also access support through the Early Help Hub although there is no specific sleep service.




Date:                        Feb 2022

Review Date:           Feb 2023

Authors:                  DR S Burns RMS GP