RCHT Paediatric Hearing Loss - Audiology


RCHT Paediatric Hearing Loss - Audiology

  • RCH & Community sites
  • Under 17 or under 19 if in full time education. young adults with special needs can be retained in the paediatric service beyond 19 years old
  • Ear disorders
    • Hearing Loss
    • Glue Ear
    • Suspected Congenital Hearing Loss
  • Often, children with additional surgical problems such as rhinitis, blocked nose, snoring, OSA should be treated in primary care first or referred to ENT
  • This service is run by audiology in conjunction with ENT. Referrals will be reviewed and hearing tests undertaken in schools and community, when possible. They can provide an ENT appointment if required.


Referral letters are reviewed by the audiology department. For children of school age testing is arranged in school, outside term time and for pre-school children testing is arranged in a community clinic or at RCHT.

Please explain clearly in the referral letter:

  • How the hearing loss affects the child usually wait time is 6 weeks but where the child is really struggling a earlier appointment will be arranged
  • The duration of hearing loss
  • If you suspected glue ear or a sensorineural hearing loss (sensorineural are seen urgently)

If you think the child may have extra difficulty wearing headphones and responding to sound e.g. has learning difficulties, please note it in the letter. Testing with extra staff and equipment will be arranged.

Audiology works closely with ENT –where necessary they will refer on to ENT.


If you are very concerned about a patient whose hearing has deteriorated suddenly audiology can be contacted by phone 01872 254905 for very urgent appointments.