Female UTI


Definition: > 3 proven urinary tract infections within 12 months (positive msu or symptoms of cystitis associated with nitrite positive dipstick).

Women have a 50% lifetime risk of UTI and this increases with age. There is often no significant underlying identifiable cause.

Indications for referral:

  • Emergency admissionif features of systemic sepsis: pyrexia/confusion/tachycardia/tachypnoea/hypotension/severe nausea and vomiting.
  • 2ww Urology if  Persistent haematuria after treatment of infection



C&B referral

  • Abnormal USS: refer to appropriate speciality depending on abnormality.
  • Women with rec UTI and definite suggestion of bladder outflow obstruction (Residual Volume  RV >100ml)
  • Recurrent upper UTIs
  • Pregnant – consider A&G
  • In those who have had the treatments suggested below, eg. low-dose abx, with normal USS and RV, but are still very symptomatic and distressed may be referred for review. Consider via A&G However, it is likely that there is little else to offer.


Possible causes:

  • Increasing age with atrophic vaginitis post menopause
  • Prolapse
  • Intercourse
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary tract abnormality (anatomical/functional/stones/indwelling catheter)
  • Residential care
  • Immunocompromise


Differential diagnoses:

  • STD
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Drug induced cystitis eg ketamine


Management prior to referral:


Antibiotic prophylaxis

Consider if above measures ineffective/ inappropriate

Discuss risks long term antibiotic use including resistance

Taking into account antibiotic sensitivities on recent MSUs

If pregnant please consider which A/bio are safe at different stages of pregnancy

  • Consider single dose prophylaxis if identifiable trigger such as post sexual intercourse
    • Trimethoprim 200mg stat dose or Nitrofurantoin (if eGFR >45 ml/min) 100mg stat dose
  • Daily Prophylactic antibiotic course for six months if no identifiable triggers
    • Trimethoprim 100mg nocte or Nitrofurantoin (if eGFR >45ml/min) 50-100mg nocte

Advise If breakthrough infection – needs medical rev, send msu, treat with different antibiotic to prophylaxis antibiotic


 Patient information




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Mr Christopher Blake, Consultant Urologist, RCHT

Dr B Wesson, GP & Kernow RMS Urology Guideline lead

Review date: March 2022

Next review due March 2023