Renal Masses / Renal Cell Carcinoma


2WW Criteria 

  • Abdominal mass arising from the urinary tract or imaging shows renal mass 

If Haematuria- see haematuria guidance to see if fits 2ww criteria/ pathway


Management prior to referral if palpable mass:

  • Urgent renal tract USS


When refer please also request:

  • CT renal mass 2WW with CT thorax for full staging if imaging shows renal mass


Primary Care Management

  • ~5% visible haematuria is attributable to renal cancer. Patients with haematuria should be managed in line with haematuria guidance.
  • Most renal tumours are not palpable. Please investigate any abdominal mass with USS prior to 2WW referral. 
  • More commonly renal masses are serendipitous findings from unrelated abdominal imaging; the scan report will advise if there are suspicious features warranting 2WW referral.  
  • Please pre warn patients the significance of referral 



NICE, Urological cancers, recognition and referral, November 2015, updated Jan 2021



Mr Christopher Blake, Consultant Urologist, RCHT

Dr Bridgitte Wesson, GP & Kernow RMS Urology Guideline lead


Reviewed: March 2022

Next review due: March 2023