Radiology advice and guidance

Clinical queries can be emailed to the radiology advice and guidance service. This is checked daily by one of the radiology consultants: rch-tr.GPRadiologyEnquiries@nhs.net


Ultrasound Request Form - Information for GP Practices

The form (available here) can be used for all ultrasound requests other than cardiac, breast and obstetric ultrasound.

The more clinical information provided, the more likely the ultrasonographer will be able to answer the clinical question. This includes co-morbidities and mobility issues. When necessary information is missing, forms will be returned for completion.


Guidance for Ultrasound requests

The following information is based on guidance from the Society and College of Radiographers and British Medical Ultrasound Society – Guidelines for professional ultrasound practice (March 2019), The Royal College of Radiologists - iRefer: Making the Best Use of Clinical Radiology, and guidance from RCHT Clinical Imaging Department. The list of conditions and symptoms is not exhaustive but covers the most common clinical details given on USS requests.

RCHT Radiology department will reject referrals which do not meet current guidelines or are deemed inappropriate.


Other Points

  • Cardiac, breast, obstetric and suspected cancer
    • Imaging should be requested via the relevant pathway - i.e. echocardiogram, mermaid centre, obstetrics/EPU, 2WW referral
    • Direct access echocardiography guidance is available here
  • Multiple scan requests
    • There are occasions when two studies may be required, for example ‘Abdomen’ and ‘Pelvis’. If this is the case, please tick both boxes and provide the clinical indication. Patients requiring multiple studies for more than one indication which are likely to be related to different pathologies should have a separate form completed for each suspected pathology. Where forms have more than one box ticked, if one of these boxes indicates a non-AQP scan then this will need to be carried out at RCHT and may generate two separate USS appointments
  • Previous imaging
    • Details of previous, relevant imaging will assist the sonographers in helping to answer the clinical question
  • Diabetes / Interpreter / Mobility
    • Providing this information will allow us to facilitate the most appropriate appointment for your patient e.g. Abdominal USS often obtains the most useful information when the patient has fasted. Patients with diabetes will therefore be offered morning appointments for abdominal USS requests




Date reviewed                     18/02/2022

Next review due                  18/02/2023

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