Vascular birthmarks in children

Port Wine Stains (Capillary Malformations) and Capillary Haemangiomas in Children

Children with large or facial Port Wine Stains (capillary malformations) should be referred early to a Paediatric Dermatologist for confirmation of the diagnosis/prognosis and to rule out comorbidities such as ocular hypertension and intracranial abnormalities.

Cosmetic treatment of Port Wine Stains is not routinely commissioned and will not normally be funded by KCCG though a clinician may request exceptional funding.

Children with large capillary haemangiomas at risk of causing significant cosmetic or functional impairment should be referred urgently to a paediatric dermatologist for confirmation of the diagnosis and consideration of early propranolol therapy.




Review Date                14/02/2020

Next Review Date        14/02/2021

Author                          Dr Andrew Sharp, RMS Dermatology Lead