Bells Palsy


Please do not refer uncomplicated Bells palsy. See NG 127.

Complicated Bells palsy:

For ophthalmological problems refer to Ophthalmology services

For otological complications refer to ENT

Refer to neurology

  • Palsy not recovering by 3 months
  • Aberrant re-innervation – e.g. Inappropriate facial movements, tearing
  • Complicated cranial nerve, cerebellar, sensory or motor symptoms or signs in the limbs

If already known to Neurology services contact relevant team, including MS Nurses if MS related  

Refer on stroke pathway:

If acute onset FAST positive, upper motor neurone pattern (sparing forehead)










Review Date                              18/02/2020

Next Review Date                      18/02/2021       

Author                                      Dr Andrew Sharp

Contributor                                Dr Brendan McLean Consultant Neurology RCHT


Version No.                   2.0