Peripheral Neuropathy


Refer to Neurology unless a neuropathy is expected as part of their disorder e.g. diabetes, where referral is not needed

GPs can request nerve conduction studies but unless the patient is known to Neurology, the report will not include clinical correlation. Nerve conduction studies are not required in a typical symmetrical sensory/motor neuropathy.

Consider restless legs if symptoms but no signs on examination.

For neuropathic pain see NICE CG 173

There is an order set on ICE for blood tests required for referrals:

  • FBC
  • ESR
  • HBA1C
  • TSH
  • Renal, liver and bone profiles
  • B12 and folate
  • Plasma Electrophoresis/Ig levels
  • Auto Antibody Screen (please specify for Peripheral Neuropathy on ICE)
  • Coeliac screen

HIV + syphilis serology if high index of suspicion


NICE guidelines NG 127






Review Date                              18/02/2020

Next Review Date                      18/02/2021

Author                                      Dr Andrew Sharp

Contributor                                Dr Brendan McLean Consultant Neurology RCHT


Version No.                   2.0