Multiple Sclerosis


Suspected Multiple Sclerosis (MS) refer to Neurology

Established MS and relevant problems, refer to MS nursing service.

Use of methylprednisolone for acute relapse should only be in discussion with MS team, and should not be used for non-disabling relapses, and no more than 3 /year

If differential diagnosis includes cord compression or cerebral tumour refer urgently or consider 2ww pathway

Established MS with rehabilitation needs – refer to Rehabilitation team (Dr Mate)

MS nurses: 01872 253063



NICE guidance CG 186

MS Society UK: mssociety.org.uk







Review Date                              18/02/2020

Next Review Date                      18/02/2021

Author                                      Dr Andrew Sharp

Contributor                                Dr Brendan McLean Consultant Neurology RCHT


Version No.                   3.0