Blackout / Epilepsy / Transient of Consciousness


Syncope – refer to cardiology

Suspected first seizure – refer to blackout clinic

If underlying tumour suspected, Dr Mclean has pointed out that GPs have the option of requesting an urgent MR brain and referring directly to Derriford Neuro-oncology services if tumour confirmed. This is often a quicker service than referring via the 2ww pathway.

For established epilepsy, refer to relevant Consultant and/or epilepsy nurse


Only ECG suggested

Reference: NICE guidelines NG 127, clinical guideline (CG) 137








Review Date                              18/02/2020

Next Review Date                      18/02/2021

Author                                      Dr Andrew Sharp

Contributor                                Dr Brendan McLean Consultant Neurology RCHT


Version No.                   2.0