Cognitive Impairment / Dementia


Referral criteria:


The person concerned is wishing for an assessment for potential dementia and demonstrates their capacity to do so .


Completion of a routine cognitive blood screen. Referrals are accepted while someone is awaiting routine cognitive blood screen. FBC , U+E's , LFT, TFT,  B12 , folate , lipids , CRP , Calcium, and HBA1C. There is an order set on ICE.


Completion of a recognised cognitive test used in primary care such as the 6CIT , GP cog, MMSE.


That unmanaged risks arising from potential reduced cognition are considered and assessed as low.


That alcohol use is no more than the government guidelines for "safe " alcohol use of 14 units /week . If the person has been historically dependent upon alcohol /significant prolonged use of alcohol a period 6 months of alcohol use at "safe " levels prior to a cognitive assessment is asked for . 

Patients under 65 and atypical refer to Neurology

Patients over 65 refer to memory clinics

NICE guidelines NG97, NG127

Cognitive Impairment/ Dementia contacts:

Alzheimer’s Society Helpline including a Telephone Befriending Service: Tel: 01872 277963

Age UK Helpline (providing information on memory cafes and other services and opportunities): 01872 266388

Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Memory assessment Clinic. Ring Bodmin switchboard: 01208 251300








Review Date                              18/02/2020

Next Review Date                      18/02/2021

Author                                      Dr Andrew Sharp

Contributor                                Dr Brendan McLean Consultant Neurology RCHT


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