Neurodevelopmental Assessment Referrals


Children’s Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service 

Provides specialist expertise in the assessment and management of children with complex neurodevelopmental disorders.

Includes assessments for:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) 
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 
  • Tics 
  • Learning, sensory and coordination difficulties
  • Other neurodevelopmental conditions



How to make a referral

There are three parts to making a referral and all sections need to be completed and returned in a stepwise fashion. As all forms are now electronic, Form B and C cannot be accessed (and therefore completed) until Form A has been completed and submitted.


Form A | Online referral form

  • Completed by any professional who knows the child or young person in a professional capacity, including health, education or social care professionals
  • The referrer will need to provide an email address for parent and school
  • This form gives a broad outline of difficulties observed
  • If completed by school, information in this section can be brief as they will have a chance to provide more detailed information in Form C


Form B | Information from parent

  • Completed by parent / guardian
  • A link to an online form will be emailed directly once Form A has been received
  • This form gives an outline of the areas of difficulty observed at home and the impact on the child or young person


Form C | Information from the school

  • Completed by school or another professional (if home schooled)
  • A link to the online form will be emailed directly once Form A has been received
  • This form gives an outline of the areas of difficulty observed in this setting and the functional impact on the child or young person


If referring for ADHD assessment, a parenting programme must be completed in the first instance.


If referring for ASD assessment in a child under the age of 51/2, it will be passed to the Community Paediatricians and SLT, if not already known to these services.


The referral will not be processed until all three forms have been received.

Once received, they will be screened to:

  • establish the best course of action to support the patients’ needs
  • gather additional information to help inform decision making

Contact details 

If the parent / guardian needs help to complete the form or their child is not currently attending school, please advise that they contact the Early Help Team, Monday to Thursday 8:45am-5:15pm and Fridays 08:45am-4:45pm, via:

Please note that referrals cannot be made by phone, unless there are specific communication difficulties.


Service information leaflet

A service Information leaflet is available here