24/7 HCP Line



Initial Response Service (IRS) – 24/7 Health Professional Line

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can offer advice and/or arrange for same-day assessments remotely or in person. If already known to specialist mental health services, the IRS will contact the appropriate team.

Referral criteria

Aged 18yr or older with:

  • High (but not imminent) risk of suicide, harm to others (through violence or aggression) or incurred through exploitation or vulnerability.
  • Risky behaviour associated with thought disturbance e.g. psychosis, delirium, dementia.
  • Need for Mental Health Act assessment.

Not exhaustive.



  • Stable mental health condition with no need for acute intervention.
  • Dementia assessment.



Required information prior to referral

  • Consent.
  • Up-to-date contact number for patient.


Referral process

If no acute medical need, phone the 24/7 Health Professional Line on (01209) 881 999.


Alternative services

If acute medical need, such as deliberate self-harm or overdose, admit to RCHT ED for Liaison Psychiatry review after medical assessment.

If refusing assessment, consider calling 999 in emergencies or 101 in non-emergencies and request a police welfare check.


Review date

30th November 2023

Next review date

30th November 2024

Clinical editor

Dr Laura Vines


Dr Jeremy Sandbrook, consultant psychiatrist

Jane Pitts, operational manager crisis services